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Pre-Fabrication Solutions


Reduced Schedule - By Pre-Fabricating as many components as possible, we are able to help out clients stay on or be ahead of schedule. This is particularly beneficial on fast track projects.

Quality Control - Having Pre-Fabrication staff in one place gives us the ability to more closely monitor progress and quality workmanship.

Reduced Labor Costs - The Pre-Fabrication department is also used as a training facility, therefore the labor force is mainly comprised of lower end labor.

Reduction of Waste - Scrap materials never make it to the job site, there eliminating additional transportation and dumpster costs. Additionally, this material can be recycles and used in other ares of the project.

Safety - Because of the controlled environment of Pre-Fabrication, safety risks such as tripping hazards, are greatly reduced.


The most efficient way to get your custom bends made to order. Let us carry the cost of the benders so you don't have to invest in expensive equipment that will see minimal use. Our team can handle the most complicated fabrication requests and we ensure the highest quality standards with every order.

How Does It Work?

Download and print the conduit bending order sheet.
Send the order sheet to your Crawford sales associate.
We take care of the rest!

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Traditional methods of measuring, notching and cutting armored cable are time and labor intensive. With our dedicated solutions team we can create your custom fixture whips safer and faster than ever before. Save time & money by using Crawford's fixture whip solution!

How Does It Work?

Contact your Crawford sales associate about out fixture whip capability.
We create your custom made fixture whips at our Solutions Center.
We deliver prefabricated fixture whips to you!

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Why purchase individual reels of circuit wire when you can pre-order from Crawford, circuit wire to any configuration and length? Improve productivity and safety and let Crawford do the heavy lifting for you. With less material handling and less waste at the end of a job, pre-ordered circuit wire will save material dollars and labor dollars for you!


How Does It Work?

1 Contact your Crawford sales associate about our circuit wire bundling capability.
Customize your circuit wire order.
We deliver a bundled circuit wire solution!

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We offer a complete solution for installing unistrut racks that are built to custom specs. From the moment you start to the moment you install the final solution, we are there to help! Need a particular length or strut size? We've got you covered!

How Does It Work?

Contact your Crawford sales associate about our unistrut rack capability.
Customize your unistrut order.
We deliver a prefab unistrut rack solution!


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