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Cable & Interconnect Design & Assembly
Enclosure Design & Assembly
Mechanical Design & Assembly - FEA Analysis
Rig & Project Survey
QAQC Capabilities
Backpanel Assembly
Drilling Service Loops
Drag Chain Assembly
Offshore Bridle System


The Crawford Industrial Solution Center provides manufacturing of electrical and mechanical components to that meet our Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEM) needs. Whether it’s electrical wiring, control panels, cable or terminal assemblies we do whatever it takes to serve your business needs with value-added solutions.

When you partner with Crawford Solutions, we become an span extension to your manufacturing capabilities, and the results are improved efficiencies and increased productivity for your organization. We understand that not one size fits all, that’s why our team of expert specialists provide complete customization and support throughout your project.

Put us to work and partner with our team today to support your business needs.

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Solution Center Manager

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Director of Crawford Solutions