Streamline Ordering Using PunchOut Integrations

What is Punchout?
Punchout links a buyer's eProcurement application directly to our website, providing a seamless shopping experience. While in their procurement application's browser frame, a buyer "punches out" to our website without ever leaving their platform. The user can browse our website, search for products, and build shopping cart. When ready to check out, the user is directed back to the procurement application to complete the purchase. An order is not submitted until the purchase order is approved through the procurement application and transmitted to Crawford Electric Supply.

How Does Punchout Work?

Buyer searches eProcurement system

Buyer selects link to supplier's punchout catalog

Buyer punches out to supplier's catalog
and adds products to cart

Order is sent back to buyer's eProcurement system and requisition is approved

Order confirmed and notification sent to supplier for approved order

Some of the PunchOut partners we integrate with: