BRK Alarms

Onelink Safe & Sound

The Onelink Safe & Sound is a 3-in-1 smoke/co combo detector with a premium speaker, Alexa built it, and a 10-year sealed battery backup. Only one device makes your entire home smart. Receive voice alerts & remote notifications via phone. Interconnectable, wi-fi & Bluetooth enabled, customizable nightlight, communication via Alexa voice services, or control the unit through the free app.

BRK 10 Year Alarms

Now from BRK, Smoke, and Carbon Monoxide Detectors with 10-year sealed lithium batteries.

Ideal for Multi-Family Housing, Managed Properties, and Hotels/Motels.

Features and Benefits

  • 10-Year Lithium Battery Backup. Eliminating the need for numerous battery replacements throughout the life of the alarm. Saving $130 or more during the life of the alarm.*
  • Locked Battery drawer preventing tampering and removal of the alarm battery.
  • Latching Alarm Indicator- remembers which unit initiated an alarm.
  • Intelligent Sensing Technologyâ„¢ - reduces the number of nuisance alarms.
  • Electrochemical Carbon Monoxide Sensor - the most accurate sensor available as compared to other sensing technologies. (SC9120LBL Only)
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty.

Two-thirds of all national home fire deaths occur in homes with either no smoke alarm or no working smoke alarm, mainly because of missing or disconnected batteries. By sealing the battery inside the alarm, the unit becomes tamper-resistant and removes the burden from consumers to remember to change batteries, which, in turn, will save lives. These sealed-in, long-life battery smoke alarms provide continuous protection for a decade, and fire experts with the National Fire Protection Association and National Association of State Fire Marshals recommend their use.

*Assumes 2x year battery replacement and $25/hr labor rate on standard smoke alarm.