The Speed Link Universal Support System (SLK) from nVent CADDY is designed to reduce installation time and be a cost-effective alternative to jack chain, threaded rod, strut and strut nuts. This innovative system has the versatility to meet virtually all your support needs.

With so many wire rope support systems on the market, it can be difficult to identify the proper system to use in any situation. Wire rope systems are lightweight, flexible, adaptable, and easy to use, but it is also important to know which specific product is most effective.

Systems Benefits:

  • Strong, yet flexible, wire rope
  • Selection of locking devices for different applications and load requirements
  • Extensive range of end fittings for various types of structural attachments
  • Allows objects to be hung at a variety of angles, even from sloped ceilings
  • Works with an assortment of CADDY fasteners
  • Push/pull keyless release allows easy adjustments
  • System supports both 1.5 mm and 2 mm cables
  • Low-profile locking device minimizes visual impact
  • Double-sided locking mechanism enables simple height adjustment

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