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PIP started as a supplier of gloves - today they are a global provider of a vast array of consumable personal protective equipment to multiple industries and channels of distribution. Crawford offers you a variety of innovative, sturdy, and high-quality PIP products that have been designed and tested with your safety in mind.

Hand & Arm Protection

  • As a licensee of both Dyneema® and DuPont® advanced fibers, PIP's gloves and sleeves are made using proprietary engineered yarn blends and coatings
  • PIP's hand and arm protection is innovative and performance driven
  • Meeting today's tough ANSI and EN standards, PIP develops and markets seamless knit, coated and uncoated, polymer, supported and unsupported as well as cut and sewn gloves in both leather and advanced composite materials

Protective Clothing

  • Since roadwork, construction, and emergency response are not limited to the daytime, PIP makes sure you are easily seen in all light conditions
  • PIP has been a leader in Hi-Vis garments for all applications where workers are at risk
  • PIP also offers garments for all climates, from lightweight vests through to warm winter jackets, to keep workers safe and seen no matter what the conditions

Head Protection

  • PIP provides a comprehensive offering of head protection
  • The SP® line of Hard Hats is available in numerous styles and colors
  • PIP's remarkable, proprietary features out-perform the competition in comfort, suspension and retention meet and exceed the ANSI requirements
  • The line of Bump Caps protects against incidental bumps and scrapes, as well as specialty helmets for industries such as high-altitude workers, fire, rescue and wildland

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