Save time and boost productivity. With our Blanket Release Tool, you can manage and release material off your bill of material (BOM) 24/7/365. Keep track of inventory balances, a detailed release history for every shipment and individual product, and your material spend. You'll be able to compare the original quantities requested to the quantities you've used, how many you have left, AND what our branch inventory level is. 

Stay Up-to-Date

Shows original quantities requested, amount used and remaining, and branch inventory. 

Avoid the Wait

Access shipping statuses and all previous release history at any time, anywhere. This information is available 24/7.  

Get Ahead

Plan your releases in advance. We'll help you get the material you need when you need it. 


Find your blanket orders in the BLANKET ORDERS tile on your Account Dashboard.

In the blanket order, click "Schedule Release" to start the process.

Enter your release name or number, desired shipping date, and item quantities needed.

Review order, add instructions to our driver, and submit!

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