Our website provides a number of tools built to help you and your business succeed. Use these tools to track and manage your purchase history, quote requests, monthly order schedule, and more. These tools give you great insight into your account activity and material spend. 

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The Orders and Quotes table shows all of the orders and quotes that have been built on your account. Check out all of the information you have access to and the different ways you can navigate through the feature. 

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How much of your business consists of requesting quotes for the material you need? On our website and mobile app, you have access to all of the quotes built for your account 24/7. You can view who requested the quote, the requested date, the quoted material and price, and more. But that's not all - you also have the ability to convert those quotes to orders directly from our website and mobile app. 

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Use our Order Calendar to view your weekly or monthly account activity. Within this calendar-view, you can track the shipment status of all your orders, view all quoted material, and easily access invoiced orders. 

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Request a Submittal Packet from our website. In a matter of seconds, you can have a single PDF document of all the specs sheets for the products in your order or quote. 

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